Saturday, 9 June 2012

Saturday June 9, 1962

The Beatles play a "Welcome Home" session in the Cavern Club to celebrate coming back after their fourth German adventure in Hamburg. Some people when reading the ad "straight from the Star Club in Hamburg" assume The Beatles are a German band. In total 900 (!) people showed up. For those of you who have been to The Cavern, you can imagine how hot it must have been in there!

Other bands on the bill that night are The Red River Jazzmen, Ken Dallas and the Silhouettes and The Four Jays.

Interesting to know is that The Four Jays were a band that was also under contract with Brian Epstein, and this was the last time they would play under the name The Four Jays. Soon they would become The Fourmost and would have some minor hits with songs that John Lennon and Paul McCartney couldn't use. "Hello Little Girl" and "I'm in Love" did quite well in the charts. Their biggest is was "A little Loving" and a remake of "Here, There and Everywhere".

Incidentally, the Red River Jazzmen were a quite popular jazz band in the fifties and sixties and even played support act for people like Stevie Wonder & Spencer Davies.

The Silhouettes were a classic doo-wop vocal group that were popular in the fifties.

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