Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Paul McCartney releases Red Rose Speedway

On April 30, 1973, Paul McCartney released "Red Rose Speedway", the second album by Wings and successor to the weak performing Wild Life.

The original idea was to release a double album but in the end it was cut down to just a single album.

Track List

1.     "Big Barn Bed"       3:48
2.     "My Love"       4:07
3.     "Get on the Right Thing"       4:17
4.     "One More Kiss"       2:28
5.     "Little Lamb Dragonfly"
6.     "Single Pigeon"       1:52
7.     "When the Night"       3:38
8.     "Loup (1st Indian on the Moon)"       4:23
9.     "Medley: Hold Me Tight/Lazy Dynamite/Hands of Love/Power Cut" 


    Paul McCartney — vocals, piano, bass, guitar, mellotron, electric piano, celeste, Moog synthesizer
    Linda McCartney — vocals, electric piano, organ, harpsichord, percussion
    Denny Laine — vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica
    Henry McCullough — guitar, backing vocals, percussion
    Denny Seiwell — drums, backing vocals, percussion, bass on "Single Pigeon"

Strangely enough this record is out of print on CD (but available on iTunes Store)

Monday, 29 April 2013

Hard Rock Cafe to Auction Beatles Memorabilia

Ever wanted to own a piece of musical history?

Then head down to Hard Rock Café New York where on May 18th, 2013, they will be selling loads of rock 'n' roll memorabilia.

Maybe you want to get your hads on a signed copy of "In His Own Write", John Lennon's literary debut.

Other interesting stuff by the Fab Four includes copies of the famour "Butcher" cover of "Yesterday and Today", signed copies of the Please Please Me debut album and much more

But the real eye-cather is the rare offering of a VOX guitar played by both John Lennon and George Harrison.

The striking custom guitar built by Mike Bennett and Dickey Denney was gifted to “Magic Alex” Mardas by John Lennon in 1967.

Harrison played the guitar while practicing “I am the Walrus” during The Magical Mystery Tour and by Lennon while recording a video session for “Hello, Goodbye.”

The spectacular piece of Beatles history is estimated to bring $200,000-300,000 and offers collectors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one of the rarest pieces of Beatles memorabilia ever to be offered.

Interestingly, if you are in Ireland then you can see the guitar already today.

The John Lennon/George Harrison played Beatles guitar will be on display at The Museum of Style Icons in Newbridge Silverware in County Kildare, Ireland from April 16th – May 8th 2013

Emili Sande takes The Beatles UK record

Records are there to be broken. And so Emili Sandé broke one of the longest running records by The Beatles. In the 1960's, Please Please Me, The Beatles' debut LP remained in the charts for a staggering 62 weeks in the Top 10 in Great Britain. And on Saturday Emili Sandé did one better by being in the charts for 63 weeks with her debut "Our Version of Events". Good for you Emili, and lets see in 10 years' time if you managed to break any other Beatles' records.

Wings over America re-issue already going strong

As you all know, 2013 is going to be a pretty cool year for Paul McCartney fans everywhere. Not only will the the successful Wings Over America live-album be released in the already famous "Paul McCartney Collection" series, but on May 15 there will be a special cinema screening all over the world of the 1976 Rockshow tour. Incidentally, on June 10 2013 Rockshow will be released on DVD for the first time. Hopefully also on BluRay And when you look in the Amazon pre-order sales, you will see that the pre-orders for the Wings over America CDs are a going strong. I have reserved my copy of the Superdeluxe edition. And you?

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Please Please Me reaches number 2 in the UK Album Charts


1. Summer Holiday - Cliff Richard and the Shadows (1)
2. Please Please Me - The Beatles (3)
3. Reminiscing - Buddy Holly (2)
4. Girls! Girls! Girls! - Elvis Presley (5)
5. I'll Remember You - Frank Ifield (7)
6. Sinatra-Basie -Frank Sinatra and Count Basie (2)
7. All Star Festival - Various Artists (8) 
8. West Side Story - Original Soundtrack (4)

9. Out of the Shadows - Shadows (7)
10. South Pacific  - Original Soundtrack (11)

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ringo Starr buys his first Ludwig Drum Kit

Around this time, 50 years ago, Ringo Starr visited Drum City in London with Brian Epstein, and picked up his first Ludwig kit. It was a small 20" set in oyster black pearl.

Epstein had agreed that the transaction would cost nothing if Ringo traded in his old Premier drumkit and if the Ludwig logo would appear on the front drum skin. In return Drum City would put a Beatles logo. Legend has it that Ivor Arbiter, the owner of Drum City, drew a couple of suggestions, including the now famous "dropped T" that we all came to learn and love.

Eddie Stokes was a London sign painter who was commisioned to put Arbiter's design into practice, and on May 12, 1963 Ringo took possession of his first Ludwig drumkit, just in time for the taping of Thank Your Lucky Stars, a U.K. Talent Show

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Richie Havens dies, aged 72

Richie Havens, famous for opening the Woodstock festival in 1969, died today aged 72.

He will be remembered by Beatle fans for his version of "Here Comes the Sun" which made it into the charts in 1970.

He also released two other Beatles singles: Rocky Raccoon and Lady Madonna

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Please Please Me stalls at 3 in the UK Album Chart


1. Summer Holiday - Cliff Richard and the Shadows (1)
2. Reminiscing - Buddy Holly (9)
3. Please Please Me - The Beatles (8)
4. West Side Story - Original Soundtrack (7)
5. Girls! Girls! Girls! - Elvis Presley (3)
6. Sinatra-Basie -Frank Sinatra and Count Basie (2)
7. I'll Remember You - Frank Ifield (8)
8. All Star Festival - Various Artists (4)
9. Out of the Shadows - Shadows (7)
10. Richard Chamberlain Sings - Richard Chamberlain (11)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Beatles in the Official UK Charts

During their career, The Beatles had a staggering 17 number 1 hits (not including the Please Please Me single which everywhere else topped the charts).

Here is a list of all the entries in the Official UK Top 100 Charts

Date  ---------  Single Name ----- highest position ----- Weeks

11/10/1962 - LOVE ME DO -             17                              18

17/01/1963 - PLEASE PLEASE ME -  2                              18

18/04/1963 - FROM ME TO YOU -     1                              21

06/06/1963 - MY BONNIE -               48                                1

29/08/1963 - SHE LOVES YOU -         1                             33

05/12/1963 - I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND -  1            22

26/03/1964 - CAN'T BUY ME LOVE -   1                            15

11/06/1964 - AIN'T SHE SWEET -       29                             6

16/07/1964 - A HARD DAY'S NIGHT - 1                            13

03/12/1964 - I FEEL FINE -                     1                           13

15/04/1965 - TICKET TO RIDE               1                          12

29/07/1965 - HELP! -                                1                          14

09/12/1965 - DAY TRIPPER/WE CAN WORK IT OUT - 1  12

16/06/1966 - PAPERBACK WRITER -    1                         11



12/07/1967 - ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE - 1                            13

29/11/1967 - HELLO GOODBYE -             1                            12

13/12/1967 - MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR (DOUBLE EP) - 2    12

20/03/1968 - LADY MADONNA - 1                                          8

04/09/1968 - HEY JUDE -               1                                        16

23/04/1969 - GET BACK -              1                                        17

04/06/1969 - THE BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO - 1        14

08/11/1969 - SOMETHING/COME TOGETHER -       4         12

14/03/1970 - LET IT BE  -               2                                        10

13/03/1976 - YESTERDAY -           8                                         7

27/03/1976 - HEY JUDE -              12                                         7

27/03/1976 - PAPERBACK WRITER - 23                                 5

03/04/1976 - STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER - 32            3

03/04/1976 - GET BACK -             28                                         5

10/04/1976 - HELP! -                     37                                         3

10/07/1976 - BACK IN THE U.S.S.R. - 19                                6

07/10/1978 - SGT PEPPER'S LONELY
                     HEARTS CLUB BAND -
                     WITH A LITTLE HELP
                     FROM MY FRIENDS -      63                               3
05/06/1982 - BEATLES MOVIE MEDLEY - 10                      9

16/10/1982 - LOVE ME DO -                   4                              7

22/01/1983 - PLEASE PLEASE ME -  29                                4

23/04/1983 - FROM ME TO YOU  -    40                                4

03/09/1983 - SHE LOVES YOU -        45                                3

26/11/1983 - I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND - 62            2

31/03/1984 - CAN'T BUY ME LOVE - 53                              2

21/07/1984 - A HARD DAY'S NIGHT - 52                            2

08/12/1984 - I FEEL FINE  -                   65                             1

20/04/1985 - TICKET TO RIDE -           70                             2

                       /ELEANOR RIGBY -       63                              1

28/02/1987 - PENNY LANE/
                     STRAWBERRY FIELDS
                     FOREVER -                        65                               2

18/07/1987 - ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE -  47                         3

05/12/1987 - HELLO GOODBYE -              63                         1

26/03/1988 - LADY MADONNA -              67                          1

10/09/1988 - HEY JUDE -                            52                          2

22/04/1989 - GET BACK -                           74                          1

17/10/1992 - LOVE ME DO                        53                           1

01/04/1995 - BABY IT'S YOU -                    7                          7

16/12/1995 - FREE AS A BIRD -                  2                          8

BEATLES (Apple CDR 6425)
4 7 0
BEATLES (Apple/Parlophone CATCO2521233)
40 2 0
BEATLES (Apple/Parlophone GBAYE0000945)
38 3 0
BEATLES (Apple/Parlophone GBAYE0601423)
48 2 0
BEATLES (Apple/Parlophone GBAYE6900021)
64 1 0
BEATLES (Apple/Parlophone GBAYE0601696)
58 1 0

Monday, 15 April 2013

What did John Lennnon sing at the end of I Am The Walrus?

Every true Beatles fan knows about I Am the Walrus, the nonsense song that appeared as a B-side of "Hello Goodbye" and was also part of The Magical Mystery Tour TV movie.

At the end of the song, there is a whole dialogue which is very difficult to understand, but thanks to my new Philips Fidelio X1 headset, I managed to finally decipher the text.

I always thought it was John saying stuff about how Paul McCartney died in a bike accident in 1966 and which was later made infamous with the "Paul is Dead" myth. But careful listening to the remastered CD with a good headset reveals that it is actually part of a scene from William Shakespeare's King Lear.

The excerpt begins at Act IV, Sc vi,II lines 224-25,where the disguised Edgar talks to his estranged and maliciously blinded father the Earl of Gloucester: Edg: A most poor man, made tame to fortune's blows."
Edgar then kills Oswald the steward of Goneril (who cries out "Slave, thou has't slain me").
Edgar describes the dead Oswald in words heard in the song's coda as a "serviceable villain."
Gloucester asks "What, is he dead?" and Edgar replies "Sit ye down father rest you.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Beatles a third time on Thank Your Lucky Stars

 One week before the transmission on the ITV Network (Saturday 20 April) The Beatles went to Teddington Studios to record their third appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars.

They mimed one song (From Me To You) and met Dave Clark Five, The Vernons Girls, Bert Weedon, and Del Shannon.

From Wikipedia: Thank Your Lucky Stars was a British television pop music show made by ABC Television, and broadcast on ITV from 1961 to 1966. Many of the top bands performed on it, and for millions of British teenagers it was essential viewing. As well as featuring British artists, American guests were frequent visitors.

It would appear from the surviving footage that the bands mimed their latest 45. Occasionally a band was allowed to do two numbers (possibly the ‘A’ and ‘B’ sides of the latest single), and if you were pop royalty like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones you could do four numbers.

Audience participation was a strong feature of Thank Your Lucky Stars, and the Spin-a-Disc section, where a guest DJ and three teenagers reviewed three singles, is a very well remembered feature of the show. Generally American singles were reviewed. It was on this section that Janice Nicholls appeared. She was a former office clerk from the English Midlands who became famous for the catchphrase "Oi'll give it foive" which she said with a strong Black Country accent. After she was dropped from the show she trained as a chiropodist and ran a practice in Hednesford in Staffordshire. Billy Butler was another reviewer[1] and dozens of teenagers had their fifteen minutes of fame on the show.

The Beatles second national television performance was on the programme, the first being on Tuesday Rendezvous on 4 December 1962.

The TYLS Merseyside specials are very fondly remembered and gained huge audiences.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Beatles appear on The 625 Show

On April 13 1963 The Beatles went to the BBC to record their first national TV debut. The studios were located in Shepherd's Bush (Lime Grove) and the Fab Four rehearsed three times before taping their performance.

The name of the show was "The 625 show" (no relation to Jack Goods' 6.5 Special) and they played From Me To You, Thank You Girl and Please Please Me.

Afterwards they went to a party organised by Bruce Welch (born Bruce Cripps), the guitarist of The Shadows. There The Beatles met Cliff Richard for the first time.

Paul McCartney is the Richest Musician in the UK

Good news for Paul McCartney's accountant...for the 25th time he has been the richest musician of the UK.

The Sunday Times have revealed that Sir Paul has (together with his wife Nancy Shevell) a fortune of about 800,000,000 euro.

When The Sunday Times started the list, Paul McCartney was already top with 80,000,000 euro. This means he has now 10 times more money then in 1989.

Other people on the list are:

Andrew Lloyd-Weber
Elton John
David & Victoria Beckham
Mick Jagger
On 13 April 1963, Please Please Me continued its climb on the Official UK Album Charts


1. Summer Holiday - Cliff Richard and the Shadows (1)
2. Reminiscing - Buddy Holly (9)
3. Please Please Me - The Beatles (8)
4. All Star Festival - Various Artists (6)
5. Girls! Girls! Girls! - Elvis Presley (3)
6. Sinatra-Basie -Frank Sinatra and Count Basie (2)
7. West Side Story - Original Soundtrack (5)
8. I'll Remember You - Frank Ifield (4)

9. Out of the Shadows - Shadows (7)

10. South Pacific - Original Soundtrack (10)

Thursday, 11 April 2013

It was 50 years ago today: The Beatles Live at Co-op Hall, Middleton

It was 50 years ago today: The Beatles Live at Co-op Hall, Middleton: Sorry if you found your way here by typing "Middleton" in Google and were hoping to find some nice pictures of Duchess Kate, but t...

The Beatles Live at Co-op Hall, Middleton

Sorry if you found your way here by typing "Middleton" in Google and were hoping to find some nice pictures of Duchess Kate, but this is about the only time that The Beatles played a concert in Middleton, Lancashire.

On Thursday 11 April 1963 they appeared at the Co-operative Hall (better known by the locals as Co-op Hall) in Middleton.

They played for an audience of 300 crazed boys and girls, and the Middleton Guardian wrote a nice story about it. Some of it sounds a bit weird, like their claim that John and Paul were actually living next door to each other.

But when the article tries to explain why they are so popular, they are spot-on: "Perhaps one of the reasons for their success is the fact that most of their work is completely original and they seem to have an almost inexhaustible supply of new material"