Friday, 8 June 2012

Beatles "Butcher cover" makes it in the top 50

The LOLs. The OMGs. TheFW. That is the tag line of theFW, a humouristic website that likes to comment on popular cultural.
Recently they published a top 50 of the worst albums. I don't know what criteria they used, because I found in my parents' music collection at least 50 other albums that are much worse.

But they even managed to fit in a Beatles album at nr. 47. #9 would have been better, but I guess they don't have THAT much imagination :)

Anyway, the Beatles album concerned is called "The Beatles Yesterday and Today" which features the Fab Four in butcher's clothes and with dismembered dolls and meat on their lap. The cover was soon replaced by a much cleaner one (that should have made it in the top 50 as well) with the four Beatles wearing suits and sitting in a trunk.

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