Saturday, 16 June 2012

Paul McCartney's birthday will be celebrated in style

In two days time (June 18th) Paul McCartney will turn 70, and his birthday will be celebrated in style.

- First of all, Time Magazine will have a special supplement commemorating his life both as a Beatle and as a solo artist

- Paul Weller will release the song "Birthday" for one day only as a charity song for the War Child Charity

- There will be lots of tribute bands playing all over the world, for example in the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, in Copenhagen and lots of other places.

- PETA will be sending a big birthday card that features animals crossing the famous pedestrian crossing at Abbey Road.

- Radio stations all ove rthe world will be making special documentaries, and Belgian's Radio Een will have a special Beatles Tribute band made of famous Belgian artists like Arno, Soulsister, Amatorski and Intergalactic Lovers

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