Monday, 10 June 2013

Complete List of The Beatles concerts in Summer 1963

After the extremely succesful concert tour with Roy Orbison, The Beatles started on a massive Summer tour of 1963 that would take them all over England & Wales

10 June Pavilion, Bath
12 June Grafton Rooms, Liverpool
13 June Palace Theatre Club, Cheshire
13 June Southern Sporting Club, Manchester
14 June Tower Ballroom, New Brighton
15 June City Hall, Salisbury
16 June Odeon Cinema, Romford
21 June Odeon Cinema, Guildford
22 June Town Hall, Monmouthshire
25 June Astoria Ballroom, Middlesbrough
26 June Majestic Ballroom, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
28 June Queen’s Hall, Leeds
30 June ABC Cinema, Great Yarmouth
5 July Plaza Ballroom, Old Hill
6 July Memorial Hall, Northwich
7 July ABC Theatre, Blackpool
8-13 July Winter Gardens, Margate
14 July ABC Theatre, Blackpool
19-20 July Ritz Ballroom, Flintshire
21 July Queen’s Theatre, Blackpool
22-27 July Odeon Theatre, Weston-super-Mare
28 July ABC Cinema, Great Yarmouth
31 July Imperial Ballroom, Nelson
2 August Grafton Rooms, Liverpool
3 August Cavern Club, Liverpool
4 August Queen’s Theatre, Blackpool
5 August Abbotsfield Park, Urmston
6-7 August The Springfield Ballroom, Jersey, Channel Islands
8 August Candie Gardens, Guernssey, Channel Islands
9-10 August The Springfield Ballroom, Jersey, Channel Islands
11 August ABC Theatre, Blackpool
12-17 August Odeon Cinema, Caernarvonshire
18 August Princess Theatre Torquay
19-24 August Gaumont Cinema, Bournemouth
25 August ABC Cinema, Blackpool
26-31 August Odeon Cinema, Southport
4 September Gaumont Cinema, Worcester
5 September Gaumont Cinema, Taunton
6 September Odeon Cinema, Luton
7 September Fairfield Hall, Croydon
8 September ABC Theatre, Blackpool
13 September Public Hall, Preston
14 September Memorial Hall, Northwich
15 September Great Pop Prom, Royal Albert Hall, London