Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Beatles with the Big Three

On Wednesday 27 June The Beatles appeared at the Cavern together with The Big Three, a local Liverpool Mersybeat group who are best remembered for their 1963 hit "Some Other Guy"

They evolved out of Cass & the Cassanovas and primarily consisted of three fixed members: Brian Casser, Adrian Barber and Johnny Hutch. They were locally know as "one of the loudest, most aggressive and visually appealing bands around". Adrian Barber was famous for his giant amps which were called "coffins". Legend has it he also built one for Paul McCartney.

Many senior patrons of the Cavern still believe that The Big Three were the best live act, even better than the Beatles. And Johnny "Hutch" Hutchinson sometimes replaced Pete Best when he was unavailable to play with The Beatles.

They were signed to Brian Epstein's agency and sent over to Hamburg, where Barber was responsible for taping a Beatles show that was later released as "The Beatles Live! at the Star Club in Hamburg"

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