Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Beatles on the Internet

50 years ago in 1962 if you were a Beatles fan, you had to rely on a lot of old skool communication and a bit of modern technology.

First of all, you could go to a local record shop and ask to listen to the vinyl records in a special listening booth.

Or you could tune in to the radio and hope you caught a teenage radio station on BBC, or try to find Radio Luxemburg.

All the rest was paper-based: signing up for a quarterly newsletter from the Beatles Fan Club, reading all about it in the papers, corresponding with George Harrison's parents (Louise Harrison in particular was known for her kindness in responding in person to the many fans).

But luckily nowadays the young (and old) fans can find enough information on the internet.

List of The Beatles Resources on the Internet

- The Beatles Social Network: Facebook for the Beatle fans

- The Beatles Wikipedia Page: Everything you always wanted to know about the Beatles

- The Beatles Official Page: it's psychedelic, it's fun and it's loud!

- The Rolling Stone Beatles Album-by-Album: an app for iPad that offers commentary on the making of the Fab Four's albums. Of course with juicy anecdotes an images from the premiere rock magazine's archives.

- The Guitar Collection: George Harrison: an app for iPad compiled by Dhani Harrison and if features info on the famous guitars used by his dad. If you purchase this through Apple you will be able to listen to all the riffs in their entirety.

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