Sunday, 21 August 2016

CHOBA B CCCP - Back in the USSR - Paul McCartney

On a recent trip to Denmark I stumbled across a second pressing of CHOBA B CCCP, the Russian LP that Paul McCartney released on the Melodia label in 1988/89.

The record (translated in English as "Back in the USSR") is similar to John Lennon's Rock 'n' Roll album in the sense that it contains cover material that pre-dates the Beatles' official recordings.

Most of the songs would have been on the Ballroom dance halls repertoire or at the Star Club in Hamburg.

My favourite songs from the album are Lucille, Summertime and Midnight Special. And yours?

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Reel to Reel : Outtakes 1963 - Blue Vinyl Limited Edition

On my latest trip to Germany I came across an interesting vinyl LP: Reel to Reel : Outtakes 1963 - the Blue Vinyl Limited Edition.

After checking my sources, it seems that Reel to Reel are specializing in releasing outtakes or radio performances by The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, always in limited editions with either picture discs or coloured vinyl.

Here this beauty on my turntable :)

Apparently there are only 500 copies made of this particular pressing, although there also appears to be a Clear Vinyl edition with also 500 copies.

The LP contains a bunch of outtakes, dating from three recording sessions of The Beatles in 1963.

- 11th February 1963; - 5th March 1963; - 12 September 1963;

here an example of the Clear Vinyl cover:

The tracklist is as follows:


A1 There's A Place (Take 1) 2:03
A2 There's A Place (Take 2) 2:01
A3 There's A Place (Take 4) 1:55
A4 There's A Place (Take 10) 1:58
A5 There's A Place (Take 7) 0:38
A6 I Saw Her Standing There (Take 4) 0:45
A7 I Saw Her Standing There (Take 5) 0:55
A8 I Saw Her Standing There (Take 6) 1:17
A9 There's A Place (Take 11) 1:57
A10 I Saw Her Standing There (Take 10) 2:54
A11 Misery (Take 2) 1:05
A12 Misery (Take 4) 0:43
A13 Misery (Take 6) 2:09

B1 From Me To You (Take 3) 1:54
B2 From Me To You (Take 4) 1:50
B3 From Me To You (Take 7) 2:06
B4 Thank You Girl (Take 4) 1:58
B5 Thank You Girl (Take 11) 0:46
B6 Thank You Girl (Take 12) 0:53
B7 From Me To You (Take 8) 1:19
B8 Hold Me Tight (Take 22) 1:08
B9 Hold Me Tight (Take 24) 2:35
B10 Hold Me Tight (Take 28) 1:39
B11 Don't Bother Me (Take 10) 2:48
B12 Don't Bother Me (Take 13) 2:33
B13 Don't Bother Me (Take 12) 0:51