Friday, 7 February 2014

Where were you on February 9th, 1964 around 8pm?

Many people still remember where they were when JFK was shot in Dallas. Or for the younger generation: where they were when they heard about the deaths of Lady Di/Kurt Cobain/Michael Jackson.

But who remembers the Ed Sullivan show of February 9th, 1946? The "Night that Changed America" as it is sometimes called. The night when The Beatles appeared for the first time on an American show and 73,000,000 (almost 40% of all Americans at that time) sat in front of their TV set to watch the Fab Four from Liverpool, England perform 5 songs.

So, here is my question to you all: where were you? Did you get the chance to see it live?

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  1. I was 12 when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. I remember how they blew my mind, it was like anything I'd ever seen.

    When i see the "Biebermania" nowadays, I just shake my head and think: "you should have been 12 in 1964"!