Friday, 14 February 2014

Relaxing in Miami

Valentine's day 1964 saw the Beatles still in Miami, getting ready for the second Ed Sullivan show which was scheduled for 16 February.

The went to the set (at the Deauville Beach Resort) and did some basic rehearsals (sound & lights check)

Afterwards they relaxed at the pool of an employee at Capitol Records. Reporters from LIFE magazine were allowed to take pictures, and they are among the most famous photographs taken in 1964.

They also met Bernard Castro, inventor of the convertible couch (no relation to Fidél) who lent them his yachts. Ringo managed to damage the boat but according to an interview with him, the owners didn't seem to mind.

At night they went to the hotel's nightclub and saw entertainers Don Rickles, Myron Cohen and Carol Lawrence.

Don Rickles was an agressive loud-mouth comedian, and The Beatles were not accustomed to hearing comedy that was so personal and direct (they grew up with a complete different sense of humour).

He was a very different kind of performer, very close to his public and approachable. Probably his first job as a salesman in the garment industry played a role in that!

Carol Lawrence finally was a singer and actress who rose to fame in her role as Maria on the Broadway production of West Side Story. Younger readers might remember her as the matriarch Angela Eckart on General Hospital

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