Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan Show for the second time

On Sunday February 16, 1964, The Beatles appeared a second time on the Ed Sullivan show, this time transmitted from the Napoleon Room in the Deauville Hotel, Miami, Florida.

At 2pm The Beatles had a full rehearsal. According to some sources this was taped and intended for broadcast, but this never happened.

The Beatles performed from 8 pm till approximately 9pm and about 2,500 fans attended. More than 3,500 tickets had been given out by CBS, so the Miami police had a lot of work to contain the 1,000 fans who were not allowed to enter.

Other artists on the bill included: - Mitzi Gaynor (an actress, singer and dancer who was born as Francesca Marlene de Czanyi von Gerber): She performed for an unprecedented nine-minute segment and "Too Darn Hot" and a blues medley
- Myron Cohen, the comedian
- Joe Louis, a professional boxer
- Sonny Liston, a professional boxer who would later fight against Cassius Clay (whom the Beatles would soon meet)

The Beatles performed six songs: She Loves You, This Boy, All My Loving, I Saw Her Standing There, From Me To You and I Want To Hold Your Hand.

The first Ed Sullivan had 73 million viewers, and this one about 70 million.

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