Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Pathfinders

On 19 February 1963 The Beatles returned to the Cavern after a 2-week absence and the club was booming with people since their single Please Please Me was doing so good in the charts.

One of the other bands that appeared on stage that day was The Pathfinders from Birkenhead. Around that time it was estimated (by Mersey Beat editor Bill Harry and Cavern DJ Bob Wooler) that there were approximately 300 active music groups in the Liverpool area (playing skiffle, jazz, beat or country & western).

The Pathfinders often played The Kraal Club in New Brighton but on this occassion they appeared at the Cavern.

The line-up of The Pathfinders changed often. Some members included:
- Tony Berry
- Tony Aldridge
- Tom Early
- Roy Brockhurst
- Pete Brockhurst
- Dave Stephenson
- Mike Allen
- Mike Jones
- Billy May
- Brendon McCormack
- Frank Bowen
- Richie Prescott
- Tom Bennet

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