Thursday, 28 February 2013

From Me To You

It is rare to know the exact date when a song was written, but in the case of "From Me To You" (their third single, after Love Me Do and Please Please Me) we do know it: Thursday 28 February 1963.

On that day, The Beatles were in a bus to a concert with Helen Shapiro in Shrewsbury, and they were sitting in the back writing stuff. They took the title from a letters section in the New Musical Express (NME), called "From You to Us".

The song follows the same "gimmick" that proved so popular: using very direct words like "Me", 'You", "I". Just look at Love ME Do, Please Please ME, From Me to YOU etc...

Alan W. Pollack, the famous Beatles musical expert, has the following to say about this:

"The other pronoun-bound songs that come to mind are otherwise embroidered with details which, though they add context and color, also skew the focus and complicate the message. We find such things as the drama of pursuit — "Please Please Me" — or blind faith in its successful outcome — "I'll Get You")-- or a polite request — "I Want To Hold Your Hand") — or a raw pleading — "Love Me Do" — that love be requited; an expression of gratitude for love received — "Thank You Girl" — or a prayer that it be not harmed by absence or separation ("P.S. I Love You", "All My Loving", et al.) The list goes on. As usual, I haven't done my homework as exhaustively as I should, but I hope the point is made."

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