Friday, 15 February 2013

Pop a la Mod - The Beatles in Boyfriend

Boyfriend was a British magazine that was aimed at young girls and that embraced the British pop music scene.

Somewhere at the end of February 1963, exactly 50 years ago, they run an article about the Beatles (the first of many).  It's a frightfully good read, as the anonymous reporter discloses her first impression of the not yet famous Beatles

"their sound, although novel, isn't exactly a revolution. But there's something about it, a strange compelling something.""They are almost frightening-looking young men," she continues, "even more modern than modern. The funny thing is that when they smile - not often - they look perfectly wholesome and nice. But the rest of the time they look wicked and dreadful and distinctly evil, in an 18th-century sort of way. You almost expect them to leap out of pictures and chant magic spells."
 Later, during the summer of 63, Boyfriend would issue a photo book called "Big New Beat" and that contained pictures of the Beatles among the rubble of Easton Road.

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