Monday, 11 February 2013

Please Please Me Recording Session

September 11 1963 will probably be remembered as the most productive recording session in musical history.

Because on that day The Beatles recorded 12 songs that would be included in their debut album Please Please Me. They started at 10 am in Studio 2 at Abbey Road and finished about 12 hours later around 10.45 pm.

Session 1 from 10 am till 1 pm:

- There's a place - Seventeen (later called "I saw her standing there")

Session 2 from 2.30 pm till 6pm

- A taste of honey - Do you want to know a secret - Misery

Session 3 from 7.30 pm till 10.45 pm

- Hold me tight - Anna - Boys - Chains - Baby it's you - Twist and Shout

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  1. George martin drove up to Liverpool on December 9th, 1962 to check out the possibility to record The Beatles first LP there, but time-constraints made him book the studio on Abbey Road