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The Beatles Live at the Seattle Coliseum

August 21, 1964 was a special day for Seattle. The Beatles appeared for the first time at the Seattle Coliseum (they would come back two years later on August 25, 1966). Almost 15,000 fans saw them play a 30-minute set.

Just before the concert The Beatles held a quick press conference.

Here is a snippet from that conference, where The Beatles talk about the constant screaming that accompanied their gigs:

Q: "Well, it was said in Las Vegas and in Frisco that your performance couldn't be heard because of the noise. Now, how do you feel about this? Do you consider it might hurt your future concerts?"

PAUL: "It's been going on for a couple of years, you know."

Q: "How many more years do you think it will go on?"

PAUL: "Don't know. We're not..."

JOHN: "We're not taking bets."

Q: "Have you got any idea? Will it be three? Four? What do you think?"

GEORGE: "Till death do us part."


Before the concert there were the usual opening acts: Bill Black Combo, Exciters, Righteous Brothers and Jackie DeShannon.

The Beatles played: "All My Lovin,' "Twist and Shout," "You Can't Do That," "She Loves You," "Can't Buy Me Love," "If I Fell In Love With You," "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," "Boys", and "Roll Over Beethoven."
They ended the concert with "Long Tall Sally.

Here is a trip down memory lane from Suzie B.

I was 15 on August 21, 1964, and it was the summer before I started high school (which started in 10th grade then). I thought I had kept the ticket stub to the concert, but I just looked and couldn't find it. I did find a diagram of the seating in the Seattle Coliseum, and I had documented my seat number. I am thinking the ticket cost $4. I remember the seat was up high, and Jackie DeShannon was one of the warm-up acts.

I tried to resist the whole Beatlemania thing, but that did not last long. My friends and I were just gaga over them (and all things British). I had to acknowledge that Paul was the cutest, but John was the most appealing to me. Yes, I knew he was married, but that was no match for a schoolgirl crush.

I tried to sing Twist and Shout just like John--I couldn't do it without ruining my voice for a day or so, so it's good to know that he couldn't either.

p.s. The Seattle Coliseum is now called the KeyArena (formerly the Washington State Pavilion, Washington State Coliseum and Seattle Center Coliseum).

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