Wednesday, 20 August 2014

International Beatleweek 2014 - Friday 22 August

Cavern Club Front

Midday Kenny Herbert
1.00pm Now There
2.00pm Meat the Beatles
3.00pm The Backties
4.00pm Red Berry
5.00pm Born Again Beatles
6.00pm The Beatboys
7.00pm The Compleatles
8.00pm Hamburg Beat
9.00pm The Brother Creepers
10.00pm The Calangles Rock Band
11.00pm The End
Midnight Beatline & Seppo
1.00am Beat Love

Cavern Live Lounge

1.00pm Mona Lisa Twins
2.00pm Red Berry
3.00pm The Brothel Creepers
4.00pm Glesion Tulio
5.00pm The Bestbeat
6.00pm Mick Francis & Peter Jones
7.00pm The Beatelles
8.00pm The Sutfliffes
9.00pm Dirty Soul
10.00pm The Tearaways
11.00pm The Peakles
Midnight Johnny & The Moondogs
1.00am The Rockits

Cavern Pub

Midday The Peakles
1.00 The Compeatles
2.00 Beat Love
3.00 Un Dia en la Vida
4.00 Hamburg Beat
5.00 The Bertils
6.00 Now Here
7.00 Johnny & The Moondogs
8.00 The Starrlite Beatles
9.00 Beatline & Seppo
10.00 Born Again Beatles
11.00 Dirty Soul
Midnight The Bestbeat
1.00am The Beatboys

Town Hall Accoustic Stage

11.45am Janne Borgh Identity
12.45pm Jay Goeppner & Maiju Leopaki
2.15pm Jannne Borgh Identity
3.15pm Jay Goeppner & Maiju Leopaki
4.45pm Jannne Borgh Identity
5.45pm Jay Goeppner & Maiju Leopaki

Town Hall Main Stage

11.45am Clube Big Beatles
12.45pm Them Beatles
2.15pm Clube Big Beatles
3.15pm Them Beatles
4.45pm Clube Big Beatles
5.45pm Them Beatles

Adelphi Hotel American Bar

11.30pm Two of Us (Holland)
12.30am Jay Goeppner & Maiju Leopaki
1.30am Rolando & Alex Giambelli
2.30am Mick Francis & Peter Jones

Adelphi Hotel Cromptons Bar

11.00pm The Wigs
Midnight Born Again Beatles
1.00am The Backties
2.00am The Sutcliffes
3.00am Johnny & The Moondogs

Adelphi Hotel Wave Bar

11.00pm Gleison Tulio
Midnight The Yesterdays
1.00am The Brothel Creepers
2.00am The Tearaways
3.00am McDonald's Farm

Royal Court Theatre

8.00pm Paul McCartney "A Retrospective"

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