Monday, 18 August 2014

1964 - 24 Concerts in 23 Cities

At the exact same day that The Beatles left London for the U.S, many Americans are doing exactly the opposite...only 50 years later.

Many North Americans are flying into London today to join other Beatle fans in celebrating the most important musical group ever. Beatle Week is starting from Wednesday 20 August 2014.

And what did the Beatles do 50 years ago in the United States and Canada? Well, spending 25 days in 23 Cities, playing 24 concerts (New York City saw them twice).

I created a quick map in Google Maps, and boy did they have to fly from one corner of the US to the other. In 1965 their trip was much better organised, because really... flying from Montreal to Jacksonville and then back to Boston is not my idea of a clear itinerary.

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