Thursday, 11 April 2013

From Me To You is released today!

50 years ago the true rise to fame would start with the release of From Me To You, the third Beatles single and the first one to "officially" go to the top of all UK charts.

The Beatles were still going strong with Please Please Me high in the charts (both the single and the album) but they found time to release a new song that was even better than the previous two singles...and would never appear on an LP in the UK until the famous "Red Album" (1962-1966) appeared in the shelves 10 years later.

Catalogue freaks will be happy to learn the Parlophone nr. was R5015 (and not R45 5015 since it was clear to everybody that singles had to be played at 45 rpm and no longer at 78 rpm) and the wonderful "Thank You Girl" came on the B-side.

From Me To You would be in the charts for 21 weeks, of which 7 weeks at number one.

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