Monday, 9 July 2012

The Beatles Timeline

So much has been written about the Beatles that it seems almost pointless to publish on this blog. And yet, every time we research a new little bit of information, it turns out it leads to a mass of data that can be found on records, personal accounts, interviews, books, magazines, hearsay and much much more.

So to make the division in "periods" more easy, we have decided to use a 4-part Period Analysis

1. The Early Years: this runs from the prehistory (birth of Pete Best's mother for example) all the way up to the dismissal of Pete Best on August 17, 1962. This includes growing up in Liverpool, going to Hamburg, recording with Tony Sheridan, getting famous in Northern Engeland and touring extensively with

2. Beatlemania: this runs from the day Ringo Starr joined the Beatles (August 18, 1962) till the day the Beatles stopped touring (29 August 1966). In this period the Beatles released several albums, toured the world, received an MBE for their services to the world and met Elvis, Bob Dylan and started nibbling from the illegal fruits. They also made movies.

3. The Studio Years: this runs from September 1966 till the official breakup of the Beatles (April 10th, 1970). A very creative process without touring, and they released their most ambitious albums (Revolver, Sgt.Peppers) and songs (A Day in the Life, Strawberry Fields Forever)

4. The Solo Years: from April 1970 till present day. Ringo, Paul, John & George making classic albums. The deaths of John and George, and the refound energy of Ringo and Paul.

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