Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Beatles at St John's Hall, Tuebrook

After the Beatles returned from their first Tour of Duty in Hamburg, they were looking for gigs to play in and around Liverpool. Mona Best (Pete's mum) let them play in her Casbah Coffee Club but also created "Casbah Promotions" together with her son.

On Friday 17 February, 1961 The Beatles were paid £20 for their concert at St. John's Hall on Snaefell Avenue in Tuebrook (Liverpool). Appearing together with the "Fabulous Beatles Rock Combo" were Gene Day and the Jango Beats.

The Beatles knew Gene Day & the Jango Beats (later they were called Earl Preston and the Tempest Tornadoes), because when they arrived back from Hamburg they didn't have their equipment with them and had to borrow Gene Day's stuff for a gig in the Casbah.

Remember that The Beatles had been deported from Hamburg (George underaged,

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