Thursday, 12 November 2015

Where is the Magical Mystery Tour Bus now?

The Beatles directed The Magical Mystery Tour TV special in 1967. Following a (largely improvised) script that took them to the south of England, we see The Beatles board a bus.

If you ever wondered where the bus is now, I have good news: it has not been scraped, but was bought by Hard Rock Café. Until recently it could be seen at the largest HRC at the Universal Studios in Orlando.

The current location is back at The Warehouse at the Memorabilia HQ of the Hard Rock Café.

The Hard Rock Cafe acquired the actual Magical Mystery Tour bus in 1988 and it is the single biggest piece of rock n’ roll memorabilia they own. It took four months, 2,000 man-hours and a cost of $100,000 for HRC to completely refurbish the bus using vintage parts to replicate the original designs and details. The bus is stored in the Hard Rock Cafe warehouse and is put on display for special occasions.


The bus is a Plaxton bodied 1959 Bedford Val Panorama Elite bus with the license plate URO 913E. This bus was new to coach company Fox of Hayes when leased by The Beatles for the film in 1967

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  1. Sorry to say this but this information posted here about the bus is almost all wrong.The coach is a June 1967 Panorama 1 . Look at the fine details and you will see that they are not like in the Film.They do not add up.If that is the original then they did a really bad job restoring it.Where are the roof marker lights , where are the side flaps for storage, The stickers are totally wrong, the interior wrong . There are many more things that dont add up on the HRC Coach. Why did they try to give away their most prize memobilia as a sweepstakes prize( because they possibly found out that maybe we bought a yellow and blue coach spent a lot of money restoring her incorrectly only to find out oops maybe , just maybe we made a mistake because we did not know better at the time.One does not give away something for free thats possibly worth a fortune. Would you?