Monday, 20 May 2013

Ray Manzarek died aged 74

Ray Manzarek died today, aged 74. Famous for being the talented keyboard player of The Doors, he also had some connection to The Beatles.

In March 1973 (40 years ago) Ray Manzarek and the two other remaining Doors members (Robbie Krieger and John Densmore) arrived in London to look for a possible replacement for deceased Doors singer Jim Morrison.

Some of the names on Ray's list were Iggy Pop, Joe Cocker and Howard Werth (of The Audience). But they also had a meeting with Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney said the following about The Doors: "I always liked the Doors and was sorry I missed them at Isle of Wight. It was a few months after the breakup and I wasn’t in a good place. But their music has always been cool."

Ray Manzarek recalls how they came up with Paul McCartney: "It was clear we needed to find a new front man. We couldn’t go on with me and Robby. So we figured let’s go to London and find someone. We thought about Joe Cocker- he’s a great singer. Iggy Pop came up. Do you know him? From the Stooges? Really raw and onstage he’s kinda like Jim, way out there. We were talking about singers we liked and Robby loved Little Richard. He said “that’s rock power.” That’s when I thought, what about Paul McCartney? Besides singing better than all of us he is the best bass player around and I won’t have to play bass anymore. We’d be like Lennon, musically at least, and provide that darkness and edge. So I called Paul and I was happy he agreed to come by and talk."

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