Wednesday, 20 March 2013

American Idol takes on The Beatles!

It was Beatles night at "American Idol" and not everybody did the Fab Four from Liverpool justice.

Let's have a look at the contestants and their performances.

1. Lazaro Arbos picked "In My Life" and didn't manage to hit the right key. The song is known for its warmth and  pathos, but Lazaro just didn't connect with it. He would have been much better having picked "Yellow Submarine" or "Something"

Mariah Carey tried to be positive but said "It was a little bit low for you".
Nicki Minaj was more straight-forward: "You are still not the Lazaro I remember. ... You used to be ownin' it! Now it's like ... I don't know. ... Something is bothering you, babe."
But the worst reaction come from Randy Jackson: "That was your worst performance ever, It was out of tune from beginning to end!

My points? 3/10 for bravery

2. Paul Jolley took on "Eleanor Rigby", and that was also a mistake. He should have taken "Help" or "Get Back" in my opinion.

Nicki Minaj was clear: "I like that jacket and I like that shirt, and I like them skinny jeans but did not like your performance, Jol. You know why? Very very safe. Very bland and forgettable."

My points? 4/10 for trying

 3. Candice Glover performed much, much better with her rendition of 'Come Together'

My points? 7/10 for being the rock chick we want her to be

4. Janelle Arthur tried her luck with "I Will" and managed to convey part of the tenderness that goes with the song.

My points: 8/10

And the others?
Well, there was Angie Miller with "Yesterday," Kree Harrison's "With a Little Help From My Friends" and Burnell Taylor's version of "Let It Be." Devin Velez sang "The Long and Winding Road" and Amber Holcomb tried her hand at "She's Leaving Home"

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