Sunday, 2 December 2012

Disastrous Baetles concert in Peterborough

50 years ago on Sunday 2 December 1962 The Beatles performed at the Embassy Cinema in Peterborough (located between Cambridge and Nottingham).

But it turned out to be a less than satisfying experience. They had been booked to play two shows that night as an opener for the Frank Ifield show, but they were not well received by the crowd.

Other groups that night included Susan Cope, Tommy Wallis and Beryl, The Lana Sisters, The Ted Taylor Four, and Frank Ifield.

p.s. I will write a short biography of the other groups shortly, but one of them merits a bit more info. It was Ted Taylor (from the Ted Taylor Four) who introduced the Beatles to make-up!
He showed them how to make their skins less pale, and also how to blacken their eyes.
From that moment onwards the Beatles always tried to touch up their faces before going on stage or appear on TV.

The Beatles appeared a second time on stage, on March 17, 1963. But by then the crowd had learned to appreciate their new beat, and the concert was a success.

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