Thursday, 23 August 2012

John Lennon marries Cynthia Powell

Today, 50 years ago on Thursday 23 August 1962, John Lennon marries Cynthia Powell at Mount Pleasant Register Office in Liverpool.

Cynthia was born on September 10, 1939 in Blackpool, England. John met Cynthia Powell at art school in Liverpool in 1957. Cynthia and John were married on August 23, 1962 at the Mount Pleasant Registry Office in Liverpool.

Brian Epstein was Best Man, and George Harrison and Paul McCartney were also in attendance.

According to Cynthia, the ceremony was very unceremoniously, as there was a pneumatic drill that drowned out almost all of the words.

After the ceremony they all went to Reece's, a restaurant in Clayton Square. The restaurant was demolished when they built the Clayton Shopping Centre. Funnily, this is the same place where Alfred Lennon (John's father) took Julia Stanley after they got married.
Brian Epstein picked up the bill, and they all ate a set menu of soup, chicken and trifle.

Because the public image of the Beatles had to be one of 'available' young men (and ideal sons-in-law), teir marriage was kept a secret for awhile by Brian Epstein, the manager of the Beatles.

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