Thursday, 13 March 2008

The Quarrymen live at the Morgue Skiffle Cellar

The story of the Morgue Skiffle Cellar is a very interesting one. It was an illegal club in the basement of a house located at 25 Oakhill park in Liverpool, and run by Alan Caldwell.

Maybe the name Alan Caldwell doesn't ring a bell, but if I tell you it is the real name of Rory Storm, you'll probably go 'aaaahhh'. Yes, Alan Caldwell was the singer of Al Caldwell's Texans, the group that Ringo Starr would join one year later (23 March 1959) and which would evolve into Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.

On 13 March 1958 the club opened for the first time, and the Quarrymen appeared on stage, probably in the following line-up:

- John Lennon: Vocals, Guitar
- George Harrison :Guitar
- Paul McCartney: Guitar
- John Charles Lowe: piano
- Colin Hanton: Drums

The illegal club did not have a long life-span: on April 1st 1958 the police raided the place a first time, and by April 22nd the club was closed permanently.

The Quarrymen probably played more than once here, but no reliable info is available. If somebody out there knows a bit more, please feel free to comment below

Incidentaly, Alan (alias Rory Storm) had a sister (Iris) who first dated George Harrison, later Paul McCartney, and who ended up marrying Alvin Stardust.

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